The Bark of this Tree is More Effective than all Ointments

Expensive creams and lotions are used to heal wounds, burned skin, rash and other scars. But there is one tree whose bark ointment has proved to be superior to all.

Doctors at St. Andrew’s Center for Irritation and Plastic Surgery at the Mid-Essex Hospital in the UK have made a gel ointment from the bark of the Birch tree, using it to heal wounds and fractures more than 86% of traditional wounds. This is due to a special chemical called ‘betulin’ in the bark of the tree.

Although bark of Birch has been used in wounds for centuries in Africa and Asia, a German company has now begun producing this compound called ‘Olivo gel s tan’, which is available in the market by the middle of next year.

British experts have recently completed the Phase Three (final) trial of ointment, which is tested on humans. Most patients have described it as better than all ointments and creams.

It is also important that bark ointment also plays an important role in the healing of epilepsy. The disease is skin rash and spreads everywhere.

Research and Results

Experts later tested it on 57 patients, who usually needed three weeks to heal their wounds. Traditional ointment was applied on half the wounds of each patient and the bark of the Birch tree was applied on the remaining half. The wound where the bark was healed began to heal the next day.

Olive Gel S Tan Cream made of bark ointment wound on average 6 to 7 days. While traditional ointment took 8 to 10 days.

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