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Eat these 5 Fruits to Protect Yourself from Hair Loss

According to a hair expert, if your hair is falling fast, five fruits can slow down the process and protect the hair from falling.

International hair experts  says that although the main cause of hair fall in the mammals is hereditary or genetic, but if the hair is falling faster then papaya, pineapple, apple, kiwi and peach are natural. The ingredients prevent the hair from becoming thin and weak.

Apple eliminates dryness of the head, while peach protects hair from falling and thinning. Similarly, eating pineapple, kiwi and papaya can also be useful. These fruits are very useful in nourishing the waxy part including the root of the hair and thus strengthen the hair from the roots.

Some amino acids in red meat, fish, beans, eggs and dairy products keep the skin’s protein collagen healthy. But these amino acids show their effect when used with vitamin C, which makes amino acids a component of the body.


Papaya is a treasure of vitamin C. A large papaya contains 235 mg of vitamin C which is equivalent to two oranges.


Pineapples have the ability to reduce free radicals. It is rich in vitamin B6, manganese and vitamin C. All these items strengthen the hair roots in the heads of the elderly.


Hair health is associated with moisture in the scalp and this is why people have been pouring oil on their head for thousands of years. However, nature also has a natural pigmented sebum in the roots of the hair that keeps the hair moist and lubricated but when the sebum is reduced, the hair starts to get affected. Here peaches cure this deficiency because they contain vitamin A and C. They are both natural moisturizers.


In addition to several types of vitamins and flannel nodes, antioxidants, and beta-carotene, leptin and xanthan are also found. All of these together make the skin and hair moisturized.

Kiwi is rich in zinc, phosphorus and magnesium, which improve blood circulation in the head and accelerate hair growth.


Vitamins A, B and C are well present in apples. Together, they keep the skin moist and fresh. In addition, antioxidants prevent breakage to the astral surface. Japanese research in 2002 has proven that certain components of apple causes hair to grow again.

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