Beauty Natural Remedies

In just Two Months all Hair Problems can be Solved.

There is no doubt that hair problems have intensified in both men and women. Premature hair white, dehydrated, bilateral and the process of loss is so severe that men fail to pursue these problems despite efforts.

Our hair is an essential part of our beautiful personality. Also, other body parts demand our full attention, a good diet and a favorable environment. It is common observation that even today, people who takes Bath twice a day, oils hair and protects them from erosion, their hair is safer than others. The simplest example of our hair is of plants. Plants that are similar to the earth are taken care of, climate and food.

Plants that receive water, fertilizer and good care at times are safer, stronger, happier and more energy-efficient than others. Similarly, the plants in the earth, due to lack of proper food, environment and good care. Weak, wavy and dexterous. This is the case with our hair. To maintain the dark complexion of hair, a certain amount of iron must be included in our diet. For the strength of hair. As such, the amount of elements to be fulfilled in the body is also considered important.

For hair growth, the amount of sulfur, zinc, iodine and chlorine, etc., must also be found in our blood. The most important oxygen content is in the blood and proportional to the blood flow to the head. It is also considered essential for hair protection, growth and strengthening.

Now consider yourself how balanced our diet is? Have we ever taken this factor into account when taking our diet? The routine is just to fill the stomach, to have fun and to have fun. The only solution to prevent all kinds of hair problems is to have a standard, good, balanced and Nutrition-rich foods are invisible in eating. Examine your diet today, understand the difference between useful and harmful, and eat well, but choose good and standard food.

Use calcium, magnesium, chlorine, zinc, sulfur, copper and iron nutrients most frequently. Milk, butter, yogurt,  spinach, fish, egg, garlic, cauliflower, banana, potato, sugar, ginger, chili black. Use in large quantities of grapes, apples, pomegranates, beans, black and white gram, barley, carrots, beans, sesame herbs, sour cream, sesame seeds, nuts, nuts, nuts and other similar fruits and vegetables. Please. You will find that within two to three months not only hair problems have started to be resolved but many other disorders will be left behind.


In the course of treatment, all persons with hair loss due to dryness and scalp, may try the following home remedies with dryness and scalp. Berg Hanna 100g, Dry Acne 100g, Clonji 100 Grind 300 grams of lentils and lentils into 2 to 3 tablespoons of yogurt and then rub the hair to the roots.

After 2 hours wash the hair. Likewise, people who have premature ejaculation of white hair should use a mixture of the following oils: 250 ml of coconut oil, 250 ml of almond oil, Take oil of Arundel 250 ml and 250 ml of oil and add equal weight of mustard oil. Keep this mixture in the sun for ten days and shake it periodically. After 10 days wash the hair in the head. Massage the fingertips continuously for 15 minutes with oil. Keep in mind that even when the metabolism is dull or bad, the diet consumed does not digest the component, thus leading to malnutrition. As a result, hair problems can be disturbing.

Use white, fennel, and cardamom once a day to improve the accuracy and digestion of metabolism. In the morning, take a half-hour fast walk and exercise as part of your routine. Feelings like jealousy, armpits, anger, hatred, frustration, negative thoughts, and arrogance can also cause hair problems to develop as a result of mental abilities. Positive thoughts, feelings of hope, encouragement, tolerance, endurance, love, humility and self-esteem result in mental and cardiovascular well being.

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