Beauty Natural Remedies

Teeth Like Pearls!

If you do not regularly clean your teeth, do not even use a stencil, your teeth may become bitter. Then they also have severe pain and in this case it is necessary to see a dentist.

Your teeth should be thoroughly cleaned daily before bedtime and after waking in the morning and after breakfast. Most children only brush in the morning. Sometimes in a hurry only to laugh and not smile, which is why these friends of ours fall ill.

Friends! If your tooth is broken, a ripe tooth will come out, but if the tooth is damaged then it has to be replaced with artificial tooth, but this artificial tooth cannot withstand natural teeth, because artificial teeth are human. They have nothing to do with our body, nor are they firmly in the gums, so friends! We must take special care of cleaning our teeth.

In fact, maswak has many benefits. Its fibers are soft and creamy, compared to which soft toothbrushes will also chew gums. Then the natural and useful properties of the tree from which it is obtained are also included, while the toothbrush has no medical properties. Paleo’s cleansing teeth cleanses.


Scientific research has shown that chlorine is found in large quantities in the wood of paulo trees, which act against the decomposition and toxic effects of decomposition and neutralize them. It helps to heal wounds and polish teeth. It also contains tank acid, which plays a role in stopping the flowing blood, healing the wounds, and compressing the gums to remove the bad moisture in them. If the gums shrink, the teeth are firmly in them. Shaking teeth also take root firmly. Friends! You should also take care of your dental cleanser today and cover your eyelid after use, so that it is safe from any germs.

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